The specialized partners support all the needs of a professional space from the first moment of installation.
Extensive training in the operation and capabilities of your equipment, aims to fully exploit its potential and optimize the benefit derived from your investment.

offers complete training of its customers in the use of its medical aesthetic products, taking into account the specific needs of each professional space. The training can be carried out either with the installation of the equipment at the customer’s place, or earlier in the specially designed space of the company. The training covers all aspects, theoretical and practical, of the capabilities of the equipment and the participation of not only the direct operators, but of all the staff is encouraged. There is a possibility of additional training at the facilities of each client, in the form of a special seminar, which are undertaken by the special technical consultants of our company.

In addition, the customers of PANTIMELESS GROUP enjoy the advantages of participation in the specialized seminars organized by the company, with current issues of technological and commercial interest.


As the technological developments in the field of medical aesthetics are rapidly evolving and its needs, professionally, for continuous information are increasing accordingly, our Company regularly organizes Seminar-type presentations on new technologies. Each presentation is dedicated to a specific new technology or method, which presents in detail the theoretical part, the commercial dimension and extensive practical application.


In the context of development and training, our company holds twice a month informative seminars – Workshops with live events and theoretical training. Of course, in special cases when someone interested is outside Athens, an individual WorkShop can be held at our company’s offices in the specially designed space.
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