medical aesthetics

Treatments that are aimed at improving the cosmetic appearance of  your best self!

Medical Wellness

The idea starts from the rapid growth presented by the elements of world tourism. In the last three years, 40% of the tourist population combines their holidays with the renewal offered by the “Medical Wellness” services. In recent years, countries such as Spain, Italy, USA, have been active in the field of Medical Tourism, either in hotels or in Clinic Centers, providing Medical Aesthetics services.
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Medical Aesthetics

In short, the idea is based on the creation of a space, which with the corresponding equipment (Medical Aesthetics machines – invasive treatments) as well as the necessary organization, will function as a Clinic providing Medical Aesthetics services.


Medical Tourism

It is important to understand the differentiation from the existing concept of SPA, or rather to emphasize the Additional process of providing Medical Services. It is important because we believe that our idea – proposal, is the springboard for the hotel unit to enter the promising Medical Tourism market.

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