In case the reason for your return concerns a mistake of the company, we undertake to bear the cost of returning the product, provided that the return has been made with the transport company Speedex.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must contact the company. You are obliged to send the product in the perfect condition in which you received it, ie without having violated its packaging and confirming that the special markings of the product have not been removed. In addition, you must include the retail receipt / sales invoice at the same time as submitting the withdrawal statement contained in the “return form”. The return will be accepted only by shipping with a transport company (Speedex) and only after the approval of the company.

In case of return of the products and accordingly, on the one hand with the way you chose to pay for your order and on the other hand with the way of their return, your refund will be completed within 10 working days from the date we receive the products.

In case the reason for return concerns a mistake of the company, PANTIMELESS undertakes to send a courier again to the address you have assigned to us for the receipt of the order at its own expense.

In case the consumer wishes to return his order without the fault of the company then the shipping costs are borne by the consumer himself.

From the moment the product leaves you, PANTIMELESS receives it within 1-2 working days for returns within Greece and through Speedex.

In case you choose other transport companies, we can not provide any guarantee for the delivery times of the products you return to us. If you choose to send by mail, we can not pick up your return. After receiving the product, we will process your request immediately and we will inform you by e-mail about how to process it within 3 days. After the return of the product, and if approved by the Company, the customer is reimbursed in full amount either by a corresponding deposit in his bank account, which he has filled in the return form that necessarily accompanies the returned goods, or otherwise in accordance with above.

PANTIMELESS, wanting to offer you the best possible service, gives you the right to submit any of your complaints electronically to the address [email protected] or in the contact form



The company is obliged to provide the right of replacement in case the product is considered defective. In case the consumer wants to change the respective product, he is obliged to follow one of the following ways:

2.1 To return to the company with a transport company (Speedex) and to place a new order. In this case, the cost of return is borne by the consumer.

2.2 To change it in any branch of the company in Greece, without any charge.

If the reason for the return is due to a mistake of the company, the return cost is borne by the latter. After the return of the product, the customer is reimbursed in full amount by a corresponding deposit in his bank account, which he has filled in the return form that necessarily accompanies the returned goods.


In order to return the purchased (or purchased) product (s), the customer must ensure that:

3.1 The product is in its original packaging and in the same excellent condition in which it was received, together with the retail receipt and including the special markings of the product (cards) / Purchase invoice.

3.2 The product must be accompanied by the completed “Return Form” which we will send to you after contacting us.

3.3 The return of the product to take place within the exclusive period of 30 calendar days from the date of receipt.


Our customers are entitled to cancel an order, under the very specific conditions below:

4.1 In case the online order (checkout) is not completed, you can cancel the process by pressing the back key in your browser.

4.2. In case the online order (checkout) has been completed, please contact a representative of our company, so that he can further inform you about the procedure to be followed. Your order can be canceled provided it has not already been processed by the company.

The right to cancel the order does not exist beyond the above cases.


All products returned to PANTIMELESS stores and warehouses are subject to meticulous quality control.

To avoid your own inconvenience, it is advisable to carefully check at the time of delivery of your order, the condition of the products sold and their packaging intact, in order to identify any obvious defects. In the event that a defect is found during the quality control of the returned product, the company must contact the consumer to resolve the issue and reserves the right not to accept the change or return of the product in question.

In case you want to return the products you bought to us, you should contact a representative of the online store to inform you about the specific physical store where the return will take place.


In addition to the above rights, the buyer, in case of a product that has a defect or lack of agreed quality, has all the rights from the existing provisions and laws related to the contract of sale and consumer protection.

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