WiQo Elasticizing Anti-dryness Body Cream


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WiQo Elasticizing Anti-Dryness Body Cream has both a stimulating action and a nourishing and protective action, thus providing a complete treatment for the specific needs of the body’s skin.
It is formulated with an optimal percentage of glycolic acid at low pH to promote a progressive improvement in skin elasticity and hydration. The plant extracts contained in WiQo Elasticizing Anti-Dryness Body Cream provide essential amino acids, vitamins A, B, to restore skin elasticity and firmness..
Its active ingredients make it a complete treatment for many flaws such as skin relaxation, persistent dryness and help prevent stretch marks in pregnancy and puberty..
Activates the body’s skin ability to stay hydrated and elastic..




Pioneers in medical aesthetics, skin specialists...Discover WiQo's products specifically for healthcare professionals: Medicinal preparations with a patented medical formula produced and marketed exclusively by us worldwide.
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