Cellulite is a chronic degenerative process of subcutaneous fat, which causes changes in the texture of the skin.

The high frequency in the young female population and the fact that it affects even athletes, models and obese people has resulted in this defect becoming one of the most important goals of medical aesthetic treatments.

The uncertain pathophysiological cause and the myriads of proposed treatments (medical and non-medical) have created great confusion about this and there are therapeutic failures.

Based on the fact that different stages of cellulite coexist in the same person and that different methodologies rationally determine a synergistic effect, Strikecell is a new treatment regimen for the effective treatment of cellulite at each stage.

It is an exclusive formula that contains the following active ingredients: EDTA, artichoke, equisetum, carnitine, caffeine

  • -Antioxidant, removes heavy metals
  • -Activation of metabolism, eliminates toxins
  • -Tightening, improving elasticity
  • -Diuretic
  • -Lipolytic and caloric action
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