Fire- Xel

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FIRE-XEL  is a Fractional CO2 laser that combines each handpiece of a surgical and a fractional laser as well as an automatic skin analysis system.

It is one of the most effective tools that modern cosmetic dermatology has in its hands and can give spectacular results in a short time.

Due to its different functions, it can have multiple effects as a fractional and surgical laser.

  • Fractional mode

Resurfacing, lifting, scars, pores, wrinkles, Full Face skin resurfacing

  • Surgical mode

Freckles, birthmarks, warts, Phimosis, Allergic Rhinitis, Snoring, hemorrhoids, warts, calluses.

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How fractional laser works

The fractional CO2 facial laser heats the water within the surface layers of the skin, causing both the water and its tissues to sublimate.

(The emission of the co2 laser at 1600 nm, according to the laws of nature, is absorbed by the water converting the kinetic energy into thermal causing sublimations).

Fire-Xel gives the option of choosing between 6 different skin types depending on the phototype of the patient. It is possible to automatically calculate the hydration percentage of the skin, with a simple contact of the machine head on the treated point. Based on the patient’s data (skin type and hydration), fire-xel provides information on the effectiveness of the treatment.

By providing different sizes and shapes to the head spacers that one can use, you precisely target the treatment area ensuring that peripheral injuries are limited.

Skin analysis maximizes treatment effectiveness by providing valuable information about the patient’s skin.

In this way, the activation of fibroblasts, i.e. the cells that produce collagen and elastin, is ensured.


After the treatment, intense redness is caused, lasting a few days.

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ULTRA PULSE: 100-800ms

SUPER PULSE: > 800ms


A) Ablation depth increases

B) The diameter of the sublimation zone decreases

C) The surrounding thermal zone is reduced

At a very short pulse time the heat remains in the sublimator zone and diffuses less into the surrounding tissues (little thermal damage) see tissue thermal rest time.

Shorter pulse time (ultra pulse) = greater sublimation depth


Smaller spot size = greater depth of sublimation

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