CooLifting! Deep hydration, powerful stimulation, instant lifting!


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CooLifting Causes thermal shock, severely freezing the skin.

A skin reaction is thus created, deep and instantaneous, while the underlying tissues are stimulated.

In addition, we must add the benefits created by cryocarboxytherapy (CO2):

  • Activates blood microcirculation
  • It causes the production of collagen and elastin
  • Increases tissue oxygenation.
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The results are immediately visible.

The skin is renewed and brightened as the skin becomes smooth and soft.

No needles!

No recovery time!

No marks!

No swelling or bruising!

Fight premature aging!

Coolifting is a pleasant, fast, safe and painless method with no recovery time, combining the beneficial

properties of CO2 with high quality active ingredients

which are sprayed on the skin.

How long does the treatment last?

A simple application can take 15 minutes.

Application in combination with *CryoGlobes 20-25 minutes.

Application with cleaning *CryoGlobes and facial massage 35-40 minutes

The treatment is suitable for men and women regardless of age.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

For people who need deep hydration.

For people who notice the first signs of time.

For people who are frequently exposed to the sun, as it is an effective deep hydration treatment that helps to tackle the problems of photoaging.

For people who wish to improve its texture and tone. skin.
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