Doublo Gold

The first HIFU (for Face-Lifting Device) has been developed by both Ulthera (USA company) in 2010 and then HIRONIC (Korean company) in 2010.

The HIFU devices has been launched almost simultaneously by both 2 companies (HIRONIC is the 1st original developer and manufacturer of face-lifting HIFU system in the world).

Since the introduction of 1st version model: DOUBLO in 2011, HIRONIC has upgraded to model name: DOUBLO-S in 2014.
and then, we upgraded to DOUBLO-GOLD in 2016.
So, the DOUBLO-GOLD is the 3rd Generation of the DOUBLO Series.

  • DOUBLO (DB) : 1st Generation in 2010
  • DOUBLO-S (DS) : 2nd Generation in 2014
  • DOUBLO-Gold (DG) : 3rd Generation in 2016

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HIRONIC has sold more than 3,000 HIFU units (Doublo Series) to the worldwide clinics and hospitals since our 1st launch into market, 2011.

HIRONIC is the market leader in HIFU and produces the top quality HIFU face-lifting device with more than 1 million clinical treatments conducted.

You can trust DOUBLO quality compared to other low-quality providers who came later in the market.

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