Lunula Laser

The future in the onychomycosis treatment.
Healthy and clean nails...
Laser Lunula is the easiest and most painless treatment to convert decolorized and disfigured nails to clean and healthy nails.
American company Erchonia Corporation introduced the FDA-cleared device Laser Lunula to the medical community. This device is the first and only non-thermal laser that has been FDA-cleared to target nail fungus (onychomycosis).
The Lunula laser’s clinical trials’ results have been published in medical journal Podiatry Review. During an 18-month long study of 323 patients, 99% of patients stated complete cure of fungus infections following four treatments.
PanTimeless is the official representative of Erchonia Corporation in Greece and Cyprus.
No recovery time needed No surveillance needed
Made in the USA
Risk free
Pain free