For the first time in Greece, we introduce the revolutionary Focused Ultrasound device, DOUBLO HIFU. With five different levels of thermal shrinkage for the face and body, HIRONIC’s awarded device is possibly the best tool for a clinic. The new HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology is the latest research outcome for aesthetic medicine on non-invasive treatments for skin lifting and tightening. For the first time, using the HIFU technology, we achieve visible lifting and skin tightening, accurately focusing on the deeper layers of the connective tissue and muscle layers, and the well-known SMAS..

Wrinkle removal around the eyes, forehead, mouth etc. Face lifting and tightening.| Improved skin elasticity and contouring. Improved chin line. Tissue tightening on the forehead, removal of eyebrow lines. Improved skin tone, elastic and bright skin. Removal of neck wrinkles, prevention of neck aging. Reduced cellulitis. CE.

The successful HiFU becomes even faster!
• Ability to use a double line of shots.
• Constant operation, while the switch is activated. (AutoShot)
• Up to 300 shoots in only 8 minutes.
• New high definition LED screen.